About A Year of Projects

Welcome to A Year of Projects,

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A Year of Projects revolves around inspiration. Inspiration to live your life in the best way, according to you. Inspiration to live mindfully and live it to the fullest.

My name is Kimberley and I am the owner of A Year of Projects.

Follow me on my path to self- improvement, finding my true passions in life and finally doing the things I love to do, not the things that are expected from me by the outside world. Follow me on my path to happiness.

While being on this path I am going to sign up for challenges and projects that have changed the life of others. I will keep you posted of my progress via myblog.

Current projects
I am currently participating in the following projects:

  • The Happiness Project
  • The Goodreads Reading Challenge
  • The Day Zero Project
  • The Weightloss Project

Upcoming projects
In the near future I will participate in the following projects:

  • The Magic – Workbook
  • 29 Gifts Project
  • Visionboard – The Secret

Other topics
Besides writing about my projects and challenges I am also interested in other activities. On a frequent base I will write about the following topics:

  • Words to live by
  • Exercise & Healthy Eating
  • Books
  • DIY’s

Follow & Subscribe
Please feel free to follow and subscribe to A Year of Projects with Twitter and Bloglovin’. Not a fan of social media? No problem! Click on the ‘sign me up’ button on the left to receive updates by mail. You can also follow me on Instagram, my username is ayearofprojects.

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